Akustixxx im Thüsen Tak, Linz

Samstag, 02.12.2017 21:00

Das Adventstoürchen startet in dem ROCK PUB zu Linz

Eine würdige Startlocation für unser vorweihnachtliches Treiben!

The rock pub in the center of Linz, Austria.

Since 1980 people from all over the world visit us. Stars like Frank Zappa, Nick Simper (founding member of Deep Purple) and John Lee Sanders, like lots of other artists and musicians, walk into the pub and have some drinks together. Everybody is welcome and invited to feel the passion for Rock & Roll inside Thüsen Tak!

Thüsen Tak

Waltherstraße 21
4020 Linz, Austria

+43 650 2271 403